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AcuGraph exam (30 mins) – $50

 (Included with each acupuncture treatment)



AcuGraph digital meridian imaging system is a computerized tool used to tests the electro-conductivity of each acupuncture channel and their corresponding organs to determine their energetic status and analyze the bodies current state of balance. 

The exam is performed by measuring the skins electrical resistance at 12 acupuncture points located on the hands and feet, by touching the skin with a moistened probe. 

The information collected is displayed on the computer with easy to read graphs. By collecting this information, we can get a better understanding about how each acupuncture channel is functioning and if there are any blockages, deficiencies or excesses within them. 

When the channels are balanced, and energy is flowing uninterrupted within the channels the body can adapt to its environment efficiently to create health naturally. Before we begin each treatment, an AcuGraph Exam is performed. It allows us to create an effective treatment based on the results and serves as a tool to document your progress.

        AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging        
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