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            Brow Henna            
          Lashes & Brows          

Brow Henna                                                                              $65

The brow henna treatment is a semi-permanent eyebrow tinting treatment that has become extremely popular due to its various benefits. Henna comes from the Lawsonia Inermis plant and has been used to dye the skin and hair for thousands of years. Unlike traditional brow tinting, henna not only stains the brow hair but also stains the skin, and it is completely natural, safe and easy to use. Besides these benefits, brow henna also provides long lasting results up to 2 weeks on skin, and up to 6 weeks on hair. The treatment takes about 60 minutes in total.



*Avoid swimming / hot tub / sauna /steam room for minimum 24 hours.

*Avoid sun exposure for least 24 hours to prevent premature fading.

Lash Lift & Tint                                                                         $98

This treatment will give you the "eye-opening" effect without extensions. The specially designed lifting pads allow natural lashes stay lifted during the lifting process. Finally, your lashes will be tinted after the lifting process to create the mascara effect. The treatment takes about 60 minutes in total, and the lifting effect will last 4-6 weeks depends on each individual's hair growth cycle.


*Client must remove contact lenses & eye makeup prior to the treatment.


*Avoid swimming / hot tub / sauna /steam room for minimum 24 hours.

*Avoid using oil, lotion, cream or cleanser around eye area for minimum 24 hours.

*Do not use lash curler or mascara for minimum 24 hours.

          Lash Lift & Tint          

Lash Lift Only                         $81

Brow Tint                                 $25

Lash Tint                                  $27

Brow & Lash Tint                   $45

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*Prices subject to change without notice.

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